ZelfportretBelgian artist, born in Antwerp on June 1st 1915, deceased July 5th 2015.
Styles: post-impressionism, expressionism, fauvism.

Germaine Brus (maiden name Ongenaert) started painting young. Only at age 42, when discovered by director Julien Creytens, she initiated her studies at  the Royal Academy of Arts of Antwerp. During her career Julien Creytens kept mentoring her closely.

In atelierShe reached her popularity peak during the sixties and seventies. Thanks to her lively style and ample use of strong colorite she received multiple awards. This provided her the opportunity to expose (and sell) her works frequently, also under the guidance and support of her husband Boris Brus.  Among her more famous compositions are bouquets, portraits, nudes and landscapes.

After the decease of her husband in 1974 she retired from her public artist’s life, however she kept painting and drawing until the mid eighties. Her works are mainly found in private collections in Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Austria and the USA.

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